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Q&A: Hemand Elhence assesses Agile

Posted by Jeff Bounds on April 15, 2015 at 7:00am 0 Comments

Hemant Elhence has seen the challenges that software developers face.

Having worked as a consultant in the 1990s and later as a vice president in the industry, Elhence knew the software industry was getting “bogged down” by drawn-out development times, low return on investment and high defect rates, according to Silicon India.

In 2004, Elhence co-founded a Dallas-based shop called Synerzip, which produces custom software for growing, venture-backed companies. Elhence, who is chief executive officer, and co-founder…


Epicenter of Innovation – ChefConf 2015

Posted by Allison Cramer on April 10, 2015 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

I am so excited to have been part of the first CA Technologies Release Automation team to sponsor and exhibit at ChefConf. It was truly inspiring to see so many passionate people get together to openly share ideas, challenge one another and drive innovation in the software delivery world. Conference leaders Adam Jacob (…


Return of The Week in Software Failure

Posted by Joseph Michael on April 8, 2015 at 8:00am 0 Comments

What do a few abandoned shopping trolleys have in common with the North Dakota department of motor vehicles and one of the world’s largest defense contractors? Software failure, of course!

The latest installment of The Week in Software Failure, and the first in several months, includes all of the above and more as examples of where better testing – actual end-to-end testing in off-line environments that mimic the real-world conditions – might have averted serious problems for customers and, potentially, millions in lost revenue and brand value.

Approaches such as service virtualization technology were devised for just such cases, and companies that use it…


Top 5 on Twitter for March 2015

Posted by Joseph Michael on April 3, 2015 at 8:00am 0 Comments

We are now in full spring mode, closet-cleaning, garage-rearranging, lawn-mowing and bush-trimming. To help you with time-saving, here is your #ServiceVirtualization Twitter synopsis of the top 5 Service Virtualization players.

If you want to contribute to this list, why don’t you add a comment below with your most interesting twitter post? Or start tweeting with the #ServiceVirtualization hashtag?


CA Technologies Service Virtualization

#ServiceVirtualization as a key driver in company’s Digital Transformation,…


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Suzanne Conniff replied to Manpreet Singh's discussion WebServices Lisa Test Automation
"Hi Manpreet, My team has the following suggestion:  If your are just looking to kick off a set of tests, you can create a REST endpoint. Then when anyone makes a GET request from a browser (ex:, that virtual…"
Burt Klein replied to Santhosh's discussion How Do i do service Virtualization Using wsdl
"The best place to get a response to this specific question is on the CA communities site as it is specific to their product. We are attempting to use this site for more general questions around service virtualization in general."
Apr 11
kittylin replied to Burt Klein's discussion How Many Environments do you Need to Implement Virtual Services?
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Apr 11
kittylin replied to Santhosh's discussion How Do i do service Virtualization Using wsdl
"It is the newest example of a multiplatform activity outputting in a greater quality on PS4 in comparison to Console One. Though the Cheap Maplestory Mesos Console One is officially able to offer games in 1080p/60fps, there is a lot of high-profile…"
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WebServices Lisa Test Automation

Started by Manpreet Singh in Ask Burt. Last reply by Suzanne Conniff yesterday. 2 Replies

Question:I have a around 30 different web services sub process using which i need to created 300+ different flows for regression testing. All 300 scenarios are having different flow ( some using 10 services and some 15 and so on .. ) that means i need to create 300 different test.Does anybody have idea if we can drive the flow/test from outside instead of creating a test in Lisa. Like if we can write which sub process to execute by setting flag in excel and it will execute.Continue

Tags: Automation, Webservices

How Do i do service Virtualization Using wsdl

Started by Santhosh in Ask Burt. Last reply by Burt Klein Apr 11. 5 Replies

I am using Version V7.0.2. Do we have any documentation on the steps to be follow to create a virtual service using wsdl.Continue

How Many Environments do you Need to Implement Virtual Services?

Started by Burt Klein in Ask Burt. Last reply by kittylin Apr 11. 5 Replies

The minimum configuration is an instance that houses your library, a desktop to handle the software and a run time server that is used when executing transactions through. Add it up and at a minimum, you’ll need two servers and one desktop. The servers could be virtual instances in a cloud.The leads to the next question: What about the maximum? The answer will depend how much load balancing you will need and how much separation you want between your applications. If you’re talking environments…Continue

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