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Top 5 SV posts on Twitter in February

Posted by Joseph Michael on February 27, 2015 at 7:30am 0 Comments

Not sure if everyone here has been following #ServiceVirtualization on Twitter or not (or why not), but I’ve decided to start posting my favorite tweet of each month from the Big 5 Service Virtualization players out there. Not that this is comprehensive by any means. It's just what caught my eye. 

So if you want to contribute to this list, why don’t you add a comment below with your favorite or most interesting tweet?


1. CA Technologies…


Integration Testing Challenges for the IoT

Posted by George Lawton on February 25, 2015 at 7:00am 0 Comments

Integration testing applications for the Internet of Things face many challenges. A big one is that the standards and protocols for building these connected devices are in the early phases, which can limit the ability to use tools like service virtualization to find defects earlier in the development process.

To address this gap, the Internet Protocol for Smart Objects Alliance (IPSO) is working on helping to improve the underlying infrastructure for connecting smart objects via Internet Protocols. We reached Christian Légaré, CTO, Micrium Inc. and Vice President, IPSO Alliance to get some answers on what this means for the enterprise. Where is IoT entering the enterprise?



What's not to love about Agile? Plenty.

Posted by Jeff Bounds on February 23, 2015 at 7:00am 1 Comment

The Agile software development method is fundamentally about getting better software done fast. So what’s not to love about that?

Plenty -– if cries of “Give us Agile!” are actually signs that a project, or even a whole information technology department, has deeper issues that go beyond what the technique can resolve.

That’s the argument that Patrick Gray, founder and president of the IT consulting shop Prevoyance Group, makes in a TechRepublic piece that gives a remarkably clear-headed view of both Agile’s power and its limits.

I think of Agile as a cousin to DevOps. In my simpleton mind, Agile is all…


TreeHacks event to feature lesson in virtual APIs

Posted by Jeff Bounds on February 19, 2015 at 7:00pm 1 Comment

At California’s Stanford University this weekend, 500 of the best and brightest young technologists will gather for an event called TreeHacks, where they will build the coolest software they can in 1 1/2 days.

Tall order, right?

Well, to help them along, CA Technologies will ensure the university and high school students get a lesson in something called virtual application programming interfaces, or virtual APIs for short.

A virtual API simulates the behavior of components and functions behind the API interface to ease integration and accelerate development against dependent systems. Among other things, the power of virtualization allows developers to prototype without code, sandbox without hardware, access virtual third…


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service virtualization - Negative scenario - WSDL- SOAP

Started by Jerry in Ask Burt. Last reply by Christian D. Kennedy yesterday. 8 Replies

Hello,  I have created a vsi using WSDL. I have a fault.xsd which will be generated for negative scenarios like if incoming request attribute value doesnot start with 'ADV' ..then I would send a faultcode and faultdescription back.How to code this on vsi ?Please advise,Dhivya.  Continue

WebServices Lisa Test Automation

Started by Manpreet Singh in Ask Burt. Last reply by Ritu Chowdhary on Friday. 1 Reply

Question:I have a around 30 different web services sub process using which i need to created 300+ different flows for regression testing. All 300 scenarios are having different flow ( some using 10 services and some 15 and so on .. ) that means i need to create 300 different test.Does anybody have idea if we can drive the flow/test from outside instead of creating a test in Lisa. Like if we can write which sub process to execute by setting flag in excel and it will execute.Continue

Tags: Automation, Webservices

Version Control For CA Lisa Service Virtualization Artifacts

Started by Ankush Sharma in Ask Burt Feb 17. 0 Replies

HI,What are the different Options we have for Version Control for CA Lisa SV Artifacts ? What are the different Pros and Cons of each. How multiple team checkout and different conflicts for merger ?Thanks AnkushContinue

Tags: Control, #GIT, #version, lisa, virtualization

Virtualizing a REST POST call with JSON Payload in Request

Started by shailendra in Ask Burt. Last reply by Akshay Mangalvedhekar Feb 13. 2 Replies

I have a REST POST call that i am trying to virtualize .Info - REST POST ; JSON Payload in request(an array of ids), response - JSONLISA version :6.0.10Goal 1. Should be able to direct the response based on the Request data What is the right approach ?a. Using lisa.vse.http.current.transaction.body property in match script to read request data and direct the response? and having n resposnes matched to various request params?b. Any other way of achieving this?I'd appreciate any help in this…Continue



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