2015 DevOps Virtual Summit: DevOps gets a Seat at the Enterprise IT Planning Table

peakDevOps is quickly becoming a mainstream discussion point for enterprises across the globe. This is because DevOps practices are expanding beyond fast-growing startups and making their way into the enterprise as large organizations look to quickly deliver new applications to reinforce and expand their brands.

IT organizations are taking center stage in the application economy, being tasked to keep pace with the velocity of business change. This business change comes in the form of software developed to provide customer’s fast and easy access to products, services and information.

With DevOps gaining momentum, it’s helpful to hear from the experts who can shed some light on how teams can actually make the transition to this newer approach easier and more effective. The upcoming DevOps Virtual Summit is just the prescription to learn how to get your own DevOps transformation started.

This summit will teach business leaders, operations leaders and chief architects how to lead the DevOps charge. This summit will help you understand:

  • The DevOps model and real world tactics to make it work
  • How to find the right leaders for your DevOps transformation
  • How to get buy in from your leadership and avoid the shadow IT dilemma
  • How to reduce friction between groups
  • What a successful deployment looks like
  • And much, much more!

Learn from customers, thought leaders and DevOps experts with solid experience. This is unlike any summit you’ve ever attended! The panelists and presenters include:

  • Gene Kim, CTO, Tripwire
  • Damon Edwards, Managing Partner, DTO Solutions, Inc.
  • Gary Gruver, author and experience technologist in Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • John Willis, author and evangelist at Docker, Inc.
  • Dan North Principal, Dan North & Associates Ltd.
  • Aruna Ravichandran,Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing, CA Technologies
  • Milan Hanson, guest speaker from Forrester Research Inc.

Join us on September 29, 2015 at 10:00 AM EST. Register today.