Service virtualization is a relatively new concept, invented by ITKO (since acquired by CA Technologies) in 2007. The term itself is defined as the act of creating a behavioral model of an application interface for the purpose of more efficient software development. By emulating the behavior of a system (versus creating a copy of record), developers can modify complex applications at greatly reduced costs. In layman’s terms, what service virtualization did, for the first time, is offer software developers the equivalent of a flight simulator. It thinks, behaves and responds just like the actual system you need to interact with. It’s a complex idea, and the potential benefits, at first blush, are almost too good to believe.

This site was launched, in part, as a way to explain that the results are, in fact, achievable. While the approach remains in its relative infancy, hundreds of companies — of all sizes and in all industries — have already reported success. We’re here to be the portal that educate readers on the market and its development.

The site also reports on related software development issues, including the DevOps collaboration movement and competing methodologies.

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