The Book: Service Virtualization - Reality Is Overrated

Out now on Amazon, eBooks and in stores from CA Press. The first definitive book on the innovative new practice of Service Virtualization... from the guys who invented it. Read a free preview chapter now on Constraints (will be sent to you via email).

Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated
How to Win the Innovation Race by Virtualizing Everything

by John Michelsen, Jason English

2012, CA Press

In today’s increasingly complex, customer-driven and Internet-based world, software drives innovation and business success. So why do the world’s most critical software projects still make the headlines for being delivered late, way over budget and with terrible quality? You’d think as an industry, we would have figured this out by now.

Get ready for a shock, because the answer to our problems is to avoid reality altogether. A new IT practice and technology called Service Virtualization (SV) is industrializing the process of simulating everything in our software development and test environments. Yes, fake systems are even better than the real thing for most of the design and development lifecycle, and it’s already making a huge impact at some of the world’s biggest companies.

Service Virtualization: Reality Is Overrated is the first book to present this powerful new method for simulating the behavior, data and responsiveness of complex applications. SV kills constraints and delivers dramatic improvements in the speed and cost of delivering innovative and high performance functionality to customers.

Written for both executive and technical readers alike, SV inventor John Michelsen and Jason English capture lessons learned from the first five years of applying this game-changing practice in real customer environments. Other industries, from aviation to medicine, already understand the power of simulation to solve real-world constraints and deliver new products to market better, faster and cheaper. Now it’s time to apply the same thinking to our software.

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Success is there for the faking. Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated features the true tales of innovators and customers who made Service Virtualization practices real for business. Out now from CA Press. Read the preview now.

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