CA Service Virtualization named best user-rated product in its category
CA Service Virtualization is named the top user-rated Service Virtualization tool on the market by IT Central Station.
CA Service Virtualization is named the top user-rated Service Virtualization tool on the market by IT Central Station.

When you’re looking for a good restaurant or an honest car mechanic, it’s now possible to consult a service like Yelp! for a referral you can trust. In the same way, IT Central Station has opened a way to give and get referrals on enterprise technology, and the group recently issued the results of its Service Virtualization rankings for 2016.

When users leave reviews on the site, IT Central Station follows up with reviewers for more in-depth interviews.

Case Study: Financial services firm

One featured reviewer was Kazi Whitfield, the director of quality engineering at a financial services firm.

Whitfield says CA Service Virtualization helped his company in several ways, from speeding up testing to eliminating redundant activity. For the uninitiated, Service Virtualization enables software makers to safely, reliably and inexpensively simulate production environments to drive down costs, improve quality and speed up development. Read this for more information on how it all works.

“It allows you to duplicate those systems or mimic them in a way that just creates greater efficiency and increases time to market overall,” Whitfield said.

“It does what it says it’s going to do. It’s a very stable platform. The initial installation and coming in and bringing it into your organization, it can be a little disruptive, but once you create some real strategies around how to deploy the solution in your platform, the gains far out weight what the delays would have been or the challenges would have been in getting it up and going.”

Whitfield also praised the product’s scalability (“wonderful”) and CA’s technical support (“They’re there when you need them. I’ve called them at seven in the morning. I’ve called them at ten at night. I’ve never had an issue getting the right people engaged when I needed them.”)

Overall, Whitfield said, he gave CA Service Virtualization a rating of nine out of 10 stars.

“The only reason I wouldn’t push for a 10 is … When we initially got the product, we were growing and the product was growing at the same time, so there were some things that had to be tweaked and some support we needed that wouldn’t have made it a 10 out of the box tool,” he says. “I would say where we got it and the way we were able to use it, that definitely pushed it to a 10. Out of the box, I would say I felt like it was a strong nine product.

“I would say if you’ve had the engagement with the CA tool and you’ve heard the sales presentations and you’ve heard all the hoopla about what the tool will do, know that what they say it will do, it does.” he says.

Case study: Large insurance company

Another reviewer, Jeff DeMeyer, a software engineer at a large insurance company, said CA’s Service Virtualization product allowed him to quickly spin up  training environments.

He also cited dramatic reduction in the time needed for integration testing.

“Recently, our dev teams have started using service virtualization to improve the times of the Continuous Integration Testing (CI),” he added. “Using Service Virtualization has reduced the time for each CI cycle from four to five hours to under one hour. This allows many more CI cycles to be executed per day and per sprint, allowing quicker time to finding bugs as well as faster times to promotion of builds to the test environments.”

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