CA Technologies and voke Launch “Shift Left’ Tour

Deadlines get here in a hurry.  Teams try to be aggressive but sometimes lack all of the information when creating project plans in the software world. Unforeseen circumstances inevitably pop up, causing a bullwhip effect and pushing projects to be late or — perhaps worse — delivered on time with poor quality. One senior IT leader recently described an unforeseen constraint in his application delivery project: a phantom system.

“I was responsible for delivering a new application.  The entire project was scoped and in progress when we found a system that no one knew existed.  I then had to build two pre-production environments for this system and hire someone to work on it since we didn’t have in-house skills for the custom language. This unforeseen system caused huge delays and blew the budget out of the water.”

Don’t let this happen to you.

There is a fairly new idea out there to remove constraints and bottlenecks in application development, service virtualization. Some progressive folks have taken a look at this, but is anyone using it? You might be surprised that quite a few are using it — maybe even your competition.

For the next seven weeks, voke analyst Theresa Lanowitz, is traveling around North America to present her firm’s research. Late last year, Theresa and her team surveyed hundreds of service virtualization practitioners and found some stunning results. Companies using this method are, in fact, eliminating weeks of project time at the same time delivering large percentage gains in quality.

Join Theresa and other progressive IT leaders in your market and hear it for yourself. The tour starts Thursday, January 17 in Toronto: