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APAC enterprises turning to DevOps

Over at, Aaron Tan writes that organizations in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) are increasingly looking to DevOps as a way to drive up quality, security and application performance.

Tan reported from a presentation by Richard Gerdis, vice president of DevOps in the region for CA Technologies. Gerdis spoke about the importance of using DevOps methodology to test across the software development lifecycle.

“Testing can no longer be the job of quality assurance engineers alone,” Gerdis says. “Developers need to be able to test code and make the test results available to operations.”

Quality and rigorous testing is rising in value, in part because of rising security threats. “Security validation should be viewed as a special case of testing, as the requirements of security-related code testing are unique and dynamic, as well as involve experts and constituencies not usually included in the DevOps process,” he says.

Read more about it here.

DevOps on mainframes? Everything old is new again

Can a company that relies on mainframe systems benefit from DevOps? Absolutely, says Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley.

In a fascinating piece for diginomica, writer Phil Wainewright interviewed O’Malley about whether DevOps methodologies can help make old mainframes new again. Sure, they’re old, and conventional wisdom has them labeled inflexible and outdated, but mainframes remain a stable at many large enterprises.

Wainwright writes:

“These supposedly antediluvian systems stubbornly continue to power mission-critical operations at the heart of banks, airlines and many other large enterprises.

What if today’s conventional wisdom has got it wrong? What if it were possible, given the right tools, to treat the mainframe just like any other modern platform in an agile, DevOps environment?”

That’s just what Compuserve did. O’Malley says the mainframe remains a superior platform in many ways, and he recounts in the piece how DevOps and Agile helped bring Compuserve up to date.

“I knew if Compuware was going to be a growth company in this market, we would have to reinvent mainframe tooling. I promised nine quarters ago we would come out with new products, updates to classic offerings, every quarter. When you do that, the mainframe becomes remade,” O’Malley says.

Read the whole piece for more about how he pulled it off.

How to ‘turn DevOps volume up to 11’

Peter Waterhouse ripped a page out of the Spinal Tap playbook, writing for CloudTech about 11 ways to “crank up DevOps volume to 11.”

Waterhouse lists 11 specific strategies to dial up the business results possible from DevOps, ranging from real-time dashboards to automated test data generation.

Check out his entire list here.

Top 3 DevOps trends in 2017: Metrics, security, testing

Three big considerations for adopting DevOps are coming to the fore in 2017, according to this piece over at itbrief. All three reflect the feverish development pace enterprises find themselves under.

1: Continuous testing: Fast and furious dev cycles mean testing is compressed and often siloed to one phase of the SDLC. But with DevOps-enabled testing, tests can be conducted across the lifecycle, and results shared among developers and operations.

2. Security: Security validation has never been more important, and it must be conducted as early as possible — remember: shift left. Again, information must be available across the SDLC.

3. Metrics: Not enough enterprises have the DevOps tools necessary to gather performance metrics. If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it better. It’s a little surprising that this truism, which so many C-level executives swear by, isn’t more common in IT shops.