July’s best #ServiceVirtualization content from across the web

Better hurry and use up the rest of those July Fourth fireworks. Summer is nearly over, and the kids will soon be back in school. As we say goodbye to July, here’s some of what was hot in #ServiceVirtualization in July.

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CA Service Virtualization

The story that dominated twitter for CA Service Virtualization was their success with how Nordstrom reduced performance test cycle from 3 months to 4 days.


HP Service Virtualization

HP Service Virtualization talked about how #ServiceVirtualization can develop, test, and deploy with SAP.

IBM Service Virtualization

IBM talked about how #ServiceVirtualization and #IntegrationTesting can help on DevOps Continuous Testing. Webinar archived on YouTube.


Parasoft Virtualize

An interesting blog post on how Service Virtualization supports DevOps and Quality Assurance.

Virtualization Ideas/ServiceVirtualization.com

Blog that highlights the SW failures from NYSE and United Airlines among others.