New Study Reveals the Business Benefits of Service Virtualization

Why do so many companies struggle to deliver high-quality applications within budgeted costs and time frames?

According to a new study by research firm Coleman-Parkes, the classic “cost, quality, schedule” triangle of software development and testing has become more difficult to achieve due to increased release schedules and demand for improved functionality. 

The initial findings of the CA Technologies commissioned study, “Business Benefits of Service Virtualization,” can be downloaded here.

The Results

Coleman-Parkes conducted the study in which 301 in-house software development managers from large enterprises with revenues of more than $1 billion (or the equivalent in the U.K., France and Germany) were interviewed.

The results highlight the difficulties many IT organizations face today. For example, the average number of releases expected to be delivered by these groups is 6.4, but nearly one-third (29%) are expected to deliver 10 or more new releases per year. In addition, two-thirds of the respondents reported that they expect the functionality in each release to improve, meaning more code – and with it, more potential for bugs and a heightened need for thorough performance testing.

Additional Findings:

  • 45% experienced late delivery of new customer offerings
  • 39% reported reduced functionality as a result of constraints on their development and testing process
  • 56% pointed to a loss of reputation in the market
  • 48% said loss of customers to competitors is a consequence of a less-than-ideal software development and testing process

These numbers would be difficult to ignore for any organization dealing with application delivery at a breakneck pace, but the alternatives aren’t always realistic either, as the following results show.

  • 49% indicated that moving to Agile development from other approaches would cause them “the greatest challenge this year”
  • 53% identified each application transformation and application modernization as challenges
  • 55% face working with reduced applications budgets
  • 71% pointed to customer needs as the greatest challenge 

The Solution

Service Virtualization can eliminate the problem 90% of respondents cited with availability of systems and applications, such as databases and mainframes, for development and test purposes. And it can reduce the manual data management effort 69% said represents a challenge with test environments, as well as do away with the high-maintenance requirements 56% cited and cut the expense in creating the test environments 55% indicated was a challenge. 

The benefits of Service Virtualization are not lost on these 301 survey respondents, and the potential to meet all three criteria in the classic “cost, quality, schedule” triangle is definitely too difficult to overlook. 

The entire survey can be downloaded here.

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