Service Virtualization’s Top 5 Tweets for April 2017

April 2017 is now past, but we can still revisit what was great about #ServiceVirtualization all month by highlighting the top Service Virtualization tweets…. What’s your favorite #ServiceVirtualization post?

Here are the first top 5 tweets for April 2017… Enjoy!

CA Service Virtualization

One of CA Technologies’ customers Wes Miller from @GMFinancial presented their Service Virtualization success to a #DevOps #Meetup group in Dallas in April.


HP Service Virtualization

HP Enterprise Service Virtualization got a virtual shout out in April as part of @fanaticaltest ‘s review of Service Virtualization offerings (Open and Commercial). What do you think of his research so far?


IBM Service Virtualization

I can believe that there were no IBM Service Virtualization tweets for April, can you?  If you’ve seen an interesting blog post for IBM Service Virtualization in April, please post it to our comments section below…


Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft promoted another one of their blogs in April, this one was posted early in the month on DZone where they answered the question if Service Virtualizaiton can help with your Agile testing strategy. What do you think about it…? Want more? Follow the tweet…

Virtualization Ideas/

Our most impressive, and news worth honorable mention blog for April 2017 would be our latest #ExcuseFreeTesting blog series. We talked about how to improve App performance with isolated component testing 3 ways to get in shape for Continuous Testing.  Check it out…