Service Virtualization’s Top 5 on Twitter










Winter’s gone. Seems like it flew by in a flash, though don’t tell the folks in New England (that’s us!), who are still digging out from a March nor’easter.  That won’t stop us from quickly showing what’s happening in the world of #ServiceVirtualization.

Here were our top 5 SV tweets in the past month or so. Enjoy!

CA Service Virtualization

CA Technologies was highlighting their latest vendor comparison for their Service Virtualization solution. What to check it out, just follow the link to see it.

HP Service Virtualization

HP Enterprise promoted one of their cool Service Virtualization customer stories and how they used it to reduce downtime and quicker delivery. Check out the tweet for more.

IBM Service Virtualization

One of IBM’s sales strategist was proud of what IBM Service Virtualization did for their customer. Way to go… Making sure the value of SV is known…

Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft promoted their Parasoft Virtualize Community Edition… Definitely worth a check out.

Virtualization Ideas/

Our own top tweet was for a blog item on why building software the old way  is somewhat insane. Wouldn’t you agree?