The Romans named April from the verb Aperire, which means “to open.” Guess they might have been referring to the opening of flowers and trees in the spring season. In the same spirit, let’s open up the best tweets of April from your top 5 Service Virtualization players.

As usual, if you want to contribute to this list, add a comment below with your most interesting twitter post; or start twitting with the #ServiceVirtualization hastag.


CA Technologies Service Virtualization

Wondering what’s in #ServiceVirtualization for you?  Here are some SV adopters and their tangible successes:

HP Service Virtualization

HP talked about how #ServiceVIrtualization plays a role in the mobile Application economy in April:

IBM Service Virtualization

The Sandhata Technologies video (1 Min) on how they use #ServiceVirtualization had more air time in April:

Parasoft Virtualize

#ServiceVirtualization impact to Mobile Applications is also covered by Parasoft in April:

Virtualization Ideas/

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