Top 5 Service Virtualization tweets for May 2015

tweet1Another month has passed; Mother’s Day, Labor Day in most of the world, and Memorial Day in the United States all claim May as theirs. So why don’t we just go ahead and claim our top tweets for the month from the major sources of — and information about — Service Virtualization technology?

If you want to contribute to this list, add a comment below with your most interesting Twitter post; or start twitting with the hashtag #ServiceVirtualization.


1. CA Technologies Service Virtualization

This YouTube video is a demo of how to utilize CA’s Service Virtualization to allow developers to continue developing while they are not online. Here’s the link.

2. HP Service Virtualization

Wondering how HP Service Virtualization relates to Mother’s day? Check out HP’s blog post. Click here to read it. 

3. IBM Service Virtualization

We saw very little activity around IBM’s Service Virtualization offering this month. However, there was a Software Development Times posting promoting IBM’s customer case study fromm 2013 focused on Sandhata Technologies, whose YouTube video we featured last month. Find it here. 

4. Parasoft Virtualize: 

Mobile testing was a focus for Parasoft Virtualize in May. Read all about it here.

5. Virtualization Ideas /

Hey, that’s us! In May, we talked about how a software glitch can be more than a glitch and cause major problems both for organizations and their customers. Check it out here.