Top 5 on Twitter for December 2016


How about we put a final wrap on 2016? Let’s check how the #ServiceVirtualization hashtag ended 2016. To contribute, add a comment below with your most interesting twitter post; or start twitting with the #ServiceVirtualization hashtag. Come on, you can do it.

CA Service Virtualization

CA Technologies gifted their community with a special CA Service Virtualization for SAP webinar, which you can check out their recording by following the tweet.

HP Service Virtualization

HP Enterprise Software talked about how #ServiceVirtualization enabled #DevOps, Microservices, and more… check out their tweet to read their blog…

IBM Service Virtualization

IBM was promoting Rational Integration Tester “Starter Edition” with IBM Service Virtualization included in December… a gift you should for sure check out for yourself.

Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft was very proud (as they well should be) of their being named a Leading Service Virtualization Innovator by voke… for sure a great way to end 2016. Check out their tweet and report…

Virtualization Ideas/

Our favorite end of year topic has been the #ExcuseFreeTesting cartoons… How do you think Service Virtualization has helped you continuously test in 2016?

Let us know by adding comments here. In the mean time you can check ALL of the cartoons here at