Top 5 on Twitter for January 2017









Our top New Year’s resolution was to continue staying on top of all things Service Virtualization. Join us! If you just want to catch up on Service Virtualization news, make sure to follow the #ServiceVirtualization hashtag and contribute to the conversation.

Here is the first top 5 tweets for 2017. Enjoy!

CA Service Virtualization

CA Technologies promoted how CA Service Virtualization and CA APIM worked together to best help development and testing teams create, test and manage APIs.

Check out the story by following this tweet…

HP Service Virtualization

HP Enterprise Software for January 2017 focused on how their #ServiceVirtualization solution enables #DevOps, Microservices, Agile method and event #IOT. More here:

IBM Service Virtualization

IBM was interestingly silent on the Service Virtualization front on Twitter… We could not find any mention for January 2017. Leave a comment if you know of any Tweet for IBM Service Virtualization last month.

Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft started 2017 with an interesting blog on their top 10 Service Virtualization Resources (for Development Testing). Follow the link for more info.

Virtualization Ideas/

Our big show-stopping blog for January 2017 was one more of our #ExcuseFreeTesting blogs, where Allison Reid outlines 10 reasons why we should stop Stubbing and Mocking and start using Service Virtualization instead…