Top Tweets for June 2017

June 2017 was here and gone… Just like summer break will fill like in a few weeks. But while Summer is still upon us, why not cover here what was hot on #ServiceVirtualization in the “Twittersphere”

Here are the first top tweets for June 2017… Enjoy!

CA Service Virtualization

CA Technologies was all over #VelocityConf showing how to develop and test faster with Service Virtualization.

HP Service Virtualization

HP Enterprise Service Virtualization tweeted about the release of HPE Service Virtualization 4.0 and it’s support for mobile and IoT testing.

IBM Service Virtualization

IBM Service Virtualization was present @IBMcloud and mentioned it on their June tweets like this one below.

Parasoft Virtualize

Parasoft promoted their presence on a @sdtimes blog (other vendors from this list were also mentioned). The article outlined how Service Virtualization keeps software testing on track. Check out the link to find the blog…



SmartBear promoted a webinar on their ServiceV Pro to showcase their best practices in Service Virtualization.


Tricentis highlighted an interview with Service Virtualization Expert, Bas Dijkstra where he highlights how Test Automation in not enough for Quality…. (spoiler alert). That you need Service Virtualization too. Check out more on the blog, following the tweet.

Virtualization Ideas/

We promoted our new blog for June on… New Features vs. Fixes: What’s driving Releases Today, check it out…